To “Persistently Do”

In my first post, I discussed how the idea and desire to do something are very different from the physical act of actually doing something.

Well, these past two months have definitely shoved my own words down my throat, and made me swallow them whole, leaving a harsh taste in my mouth. These past weeks have shown me that it is extremely hard to rid myself of a commercialism and consumerist mindset that has been drilled into my very being for the past 22 years. I can continuously say and discuss how I’m ready to take on a more minimal life, how I’m ready to just stop cold-turkey the consumerist lifestyle that has come to envelop my life; but when it comes to actually doing all these ideals that I am newly preaching, it has become harder than I expected.

So here I am, putting my foot down against myself. I’m going to stop being a poser and actually fling myself onto the minimalist path once and for all. I thought that I would be able to easily overcome the consumerist mindset that is at my core, but (obviously) it has been harder than I ever could have anticipated. Between working 40 hours/week, pursuing a personal business venture, and drinking pints of Guinness at Smokin’ Joe’s with friends, I’ve put off this journey for far too long. It’s time to jump back into the journey that I have willingly decided to pursue.

These past few weeks have also taught me that I don’t necessarily have to follow The Minimalists’ 21 Day Journey step by step, but that I instead can tailor it to fit my lifestyle and my schedule. I can take pieces of their journey, incorporate my own ideas, and piece them together with the help and thoughts of myself, friends, articles, etc., in order to better help me along my own path of learning and discovery.

“The Road Ahead” – Ailesbury Road, Dublin, Ireland. Photo by Cassie Wood

So there it all is, laid out for you: shit is hard, and unless you’re fully ready to accept the beginning of a journey, both mentally and physically, you’re bound to get off track even before you begin.

For all of these reasons, I am going to stop messing around, put my foot down, and begin to persistently do, instead of reverting back to just the idea of doing it.

Pictures of a newly de-cluttered life are to come in my next post…

“Our life is frittered away by detail…simplify, simplify” -Henry David Thoreau 

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  1. My minimalist lifestyle has lead me into sinking nihilism. I should probably cut out the consumerism also.. would be nice.. except I need to make money so I can.. eat? No not really.. own land to sustain myself off? And have dogs. Yes. That’s what I’ll do

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